Bruno Café,
Art Director
and Graphic Designer.
Young Lions Brazil Program 2018. 

next Bank
Art Direction & Design

A bank focused on millennials, where the center of all experience is the design and experience of the person with the brand. We choose to register real people, and their actual expressions.

next Bank - Lollapalooza Brazil 2018

For the Lollapalooza 2018 Brazil event, we have developed a proprietary identity for the next punk inspired brand, synonymous with transformation. It was the first event where the next bank appeared physically to people.

Youtube Insights -Google

Design, Art Direction

Nike - NRC Brazil Launch

Sprite - Snapcode Can
Concept, Art Direction & Design

The social experiment with printed mysterious snapcodes on Sprite cans turning conventional
packaging into a hub of original content capable of creating powerful new connections with consumers via Snapchat - one of the brand's target audience's favorite networks.

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